About Us

Colasanti was started as a business in 2006, when three like-minded people got together to share their love of wine and Italy.  What was a hobby for all three, became an opportunity for a business, and Colasanti as a company was created.

The Colasanti name is a family name of two of the original founders and comes from Rome, with the surname being typical of the Lazio region.  Their great-grandfather was head cook to the family of the Principi Borghese, so eating and drinking has been in their blood for generations.  Their grandmother was still making her own pasta at the age of 99!

 Michael and Steven have been visiting family in Italy since they were born, and have a very close affinity with the culture and the language, so much so that Steven has been permanently based in Italy since the age of 18.  He has brought his own children up in Rome, and is still based there today.

 Our business is dedicated to finding boutique vineyards, which are usually still family owned and managed, that bring a quality to Italian wine production that is typical of their dedication to their craft, and that make wines truly representative of their region.

We currently have wines from fifteen regions of Italy, and will expand on our regional diversity as we travel the country in our search for the distinctive and unusual.  You will find international grape varieties within our wine selection, however we also endeavour where possible to bring native grape varieties to our customers that it is usually not possible to find outside of Italy.

My time in Italy was spent living in Piemonte, very close to the Valle d'Aosta.  I was therefore spoilt for choice with numerous wonderful Italian wines being produced locally.  This was my introduction to the grape varieties of Italy, and the wines of the region.  I have been hooked ever since.

We love to hear from our customers, whether it is with questions about our site, our wines, or the vineyards we represent, so please feel free to contact us.  We are also happy to help with general enquiries about wines in Italy if we can, and source wines for our customers that you have found while in Italy but are struggling to find in the UK.