Bertagnolli Win Grappa of the Year

It's great to know that we have also got award winning Grappa listed on our site -Bertagnolli have won awards this year in the UK, Germany and Italy.

At ISW in Germany, Grappa Koralis won "Grappa of the year 2008", their Grappa di Teroldego won a gold medal (which we will have in stock for christmas), and to follow up Grappino Bianco and Grappino Oro both won a Good Quality award. 

Then came IWSC in the UK, where they again won with Grappa Koralis, this time it was a Silver Medal.  They also took silver with Grappa di Teroldego, and went one better with Grappa di Moscato and got Silver best in class.

More details to come on the italian awards, but as you can see these grappa's are well worth trying.