Privacy Policy

Use of your information

Colasanti Food Limited is a privately owned UK based company and any information provided to us by you when placing an order with us will not be passed to any third party save as is necessary to process and deliver your order. We will provide your address and telephone number to our couriers or other agents so that they may arrange the processing and/or delivery of your order.

It is our policy to not make any marketing or sales calls to our customers unless we have been specifically requested to do so. The information that you provide to us when making your order will only be used for the purposes of processing and completing your order. The reason that we ask for an email address and telephone number is to ensure we can contact you to confirm your order in accordance with our terms and conditions which are available on this website.

Security of Information and Data Protection

Our website uses sophisticated security software to protect your information whenever you place an order with us.

All the data that we collect is done so in accordance with the requirements of The Data Protection Act 1998.

Use of ‘Cookies'

This website uses a temporary ‘cookie' system. These cookies do not hold any personal information about you and are valid only for the time that you are using this website. The cookie ceases to exist once you exit our website.


Your use of this website signifies your consent to the collection processing and use of your personal information by us for the purpose of administering and dealing with your order, processing your payments. Any changes to our privacy policy will be posted on this site so that you may ensure that you are fully informed of your rights.