Il Marroneto

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Run with such true enthusiasm that it has become a philosophy of life. Il Marroneto farm produces a variety of Brunello wine that has been topping the quality ranks for the wine produced in this area for years. The towers of the town of Siena provide the backdrop for the vineyrads cultivated high on the dlopes of the Montalcino hills. This is an area where man has been cultitvating grapes since the time of the Etruscans, who were great admirers of this crop.

The characteristics of the Marroneto wines stem from the outstanding type of soil and the particular fermentation method which brings out the particular traits of the 100% Sangiovese grapes: grapes that give the wines an elegance and fragrance dating from ancient times. Housed in a qeth century tower - used in past centuries for drying out chestnuts - Il Marroneto's wine cellar jealously covets its Allier and pedunculate oak barrels where its wine ages for 4 years.

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