Piantate Lunghe Societa Agricola

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The creation of this winery is the result of the encounter between Amedeo Giustini – who was looking for partners to revive the family wine business – and two family friends, Roberto and Guido Mazzoni, who added to the 4,5 hectare property of the Giustini family their eight-hectare vineyard, exceptional for both geographical location and viticultural care. The south- facing vineyard sits on hills that are sloping gently to the foothills of Monte Conero. It is cultivated mainly with the Montepulciano red wine grape, with a small percentage of Sangiovese. Under the supervision of the agronomist Federico Curtaz, these varieties produce Rosso Conero doc, Rosso Conero docg and Sangiovese wines.

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90% Montepulciano, 10% Sangiovese.

Rich in colour, with dark berry flavours, and...


100% Montepulciano. The king of the Rosso Conero Riserves. This superb wine matures in French...