Franciacorta Brut - DOCG

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A union of four wines are used to produce this Cuvee which is between 11.5 - 12.5% vol : 30% of Chardonnay that has been fermented in small oak barrels, 30% Chardonnay of a different vintage made in stainless steel, 30% Pinot Blanc fermented in Stainless steel, and 10% Pinot Noir again fermented in Stainless steel.

The bouquet is subtle and delicate, with hints of crisp fruit, that lingers nicely.  On the palate it is crisp and dry, elegant, with a smooth texture and very well balanced.  It has a long-lasting mousse and beads of extremely tiny bubbles. 

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11.5 - 12.5%
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Il Mosnel