Franciacorta Rosé, Parosé

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A wine that owes its distinctive hue, bouquet, flavours, body and longevity to the Pinot Noir grape, which makes up 70%, and the elegance of its nuances to its 30% Chardonnay.  The primary fermentation takes place in small oak barrels, and then the wine is laid down for a minimum of 3 years from harvest.

If the wine needs to be topped up prior to final bottling the same wine is used which ensures its Pas Dose (no sweet dosage) character.  It is then aged further prior to release for sale.

The hue is a very pale pink, with a very fine, continuous bead.  The bouquet is suggestive of wild red berries, and rich and long-lingering on the palate. It is crisp and dry, with full flavour and a real sense of oppulence.  This wine has a great structure.

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