Villa de Puppi Sauvignon 2009


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Made from 100% sauvignon grapes giving a wine of 13.5% vol.

To maintain the complexity that is possible from this grape variety, the grapes are picked up in different phases of maturation to maintain the complexity fo this variety and cooled with carbon dioxide snow before fermentation to preserve the beautiful aroma of the this wine.  Fermentation occurs in stainless steel containers.

The colour is a pale yellow with greenish highlights.  The nose is very intense and pervasive, but extremely elegant. On the palate the wine is long, harmonious, and very typical of a good sauvignon. Their is a great synergy between the nose and the palate delivering a great drinking experience.  With hints of elderflower coming through this is a sauvignon with a bit of difference as well that always seems to please.

The wine will age for 2 - 3 years.

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Villa de Puppi